About Me

I am a graphic artist and writer. I have this affliction that causes me to always be creating. I have written three novels: Legend Destiny and Minstrel's Gambit, which was only available previously as an e-book has just been released to print. For further information please see: Wandering Minstrels Solve Murder; Save World!

The second Minstrel book titled Minstrel's Covenant, Book 2 of a series called Minstrels' Tale Mysteries, was released in May of 2014. For Further Information please see: Minstrel's Mother Arrested for Murder!

I am also writing short stories with religious themes for a sci-fi fantasy take on that topic to be compiled into an anthology. Between those projects, when I need to clear my head, I am writing a contemporary thriller. I have then the third Minstrel book to be titled Minstrels' Prize and a historical fiction piece that I will not divulge at this time.

Stay with me folks. Time is a tough commodity to come by, but I am plugging. If you enjoyed my first book, Legend Destiny and Minstrels'Gambit I think you will be surprised and pleased with Minstrels' Covenant.